Three Assumptions You Should Always Make In DayZ.

I always assume a few things about the others playing these types of games against me. One is that they have a better computer than me. Lets put it this way: mine sucks. Even if I had a nice computer, odds are that bandit that is stalking me has some bad ass rig with 3 monitors, Track IR, and a $300 gaming mouse.

Another thing I always assume is that they have a better connection than me. Let me reiterate: mine sucks. 2.5 meg download is not too bad, but I know a lot of people have much better connections. My hardware is also janky and I have at least 2-3 problems every year with my internet service.

The last thing I assume is they have more skill than me. Younger, faster, stronger, quicker. As I get older my twitch reflexes are not as good so I have to rely on my experience and wisdom. I have played a lot of matches in a lot of games going back to the 80’s and I have killed and been killed countless times. Maybe my adversary is just as savvy as me. Or maybe I am too stubborn and set in my ways, and he can out think me as well as out flank me.

You have to be patient, cautious, swift, and violent to win at this game. Part of the fun is using *all* of your skills, and just remember – it’s OK to make mistakes as long as you learn something.


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