Tech Support Threatens to Leak DayZ Gamer’s Home Address to Criminals

Read the details here at an UberGizmo story

Basically what happened is someone mistakenly ordered a 10 man DayZ server from Defcon Servers not knowing that such a thing is not allowed (then why did they sell it to him). When asking for his money back, a refund that he did not get, he was threatened by email:

“So you want to play games you little shit? How about I post your home address and personal details all over the internet? Would that make you happy? Watch who you fuck with. I will make it so every criminal in your state has your address.”

I would not take this lightly, go read the article for yourself. I was hoping to advertise for some DayZ server hosting companies on here, but it seems like some of them are hardly professional. I think working all day in an ice-cold room with all the bandwidth they can handle goes to these guys heads sometimes.

 To their credit the company has issued an apology that you can read for yourself here.

I hate to see so much hacking, bad hosting, and other problems hit this community. I want the public to know about it though, so I will keep bringing you the highlights, and the disappointments. Just like DayZ. Sometimes you loot that shiny new toy to play with, sometimes you take a Makarov to the dome.



2 thoughts on “Tech Support Threatens to Leak DayZ Gamer’s Home Address to Criminals

  1. Yet if you read further down that chain of the forum, there is a guy who requests a full refund and is refused based on “company policy”. Try page 3:

    I’d say to avoid DefconServers at all costs based on their support staff clearly valuing the ease of operations for them and the money they receive over the customer service to… you know… their customers.

    • I wanted to become affiliates for all of them, but just at that time a lot of issues started surfacing, so I held off for a while. Warning to all, I am looking for some sponsors to help with costs around here. I promise though I will only give a fair review, and let you decide who to go with.

      Rent a server from Host Altitude here and support at the same time. Host Altitude has been around the Minecraft community for a while so they have a better track record.

      Who is a server admin here? Who do you use? Are they good, bad, ok? Has any of these server companies tried to touch you in the bad place? Let me know who has the best customer service and that is the one I will advertise for.

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