What Features Do You Most Want in DayZ?

Just a quick note here to bring your attention to a reddit post made by Rocket. He wants everyone to post their ideas for game additions for the stand alone. One idea per post, then people will upvote the ones that they like. I already addaed a few like squeaking/creaking doors, and add the SKS and .22 caliber weapons.

If you are active on Reddit (if not. why not?) run over there and post up your ideas, or at least up/down vote the ideas that are there. Lets try and help Rocket make this full release really special.

What features do you most want in DayZ?

After you guys post you can add your ideas to the comments below if you want.

Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead – pic by Joss


Our friends from DDayHollywood keep cranking out the hits. I think this one might be the best one so far since it mashes together two things that we love: DayZ and Reddit. Some might not know about the Reddit Rescue Force, maybe it is time for a short profile.

DayZ can be very unforgiving, but there are some groups like Dr. Wasteland or the Reddit Rescue Force that aims to make it a bit easier. What RRF does is provide medical supplies or food to anyone that posts a request on r/RedditRescueForce. The leaders have went ahead and vetted people as medics so that the “customers” are usually assured an asshole-free experience. Bandits and griefers, however, stick to no such code, and try and make things hard for both the rescuers and rescued.

Without futher ado, below is the latest video. If you have not seen them yet, the earlier videos are Gamma and BrightnessI’d Kill for Some Beans, and My First Experience With DayZ. Also, check out our exclusive interview with Xtian Bretz and crew.



Let us know what you think about these videos in the comments below.

DayZPvP.com is Proud to Welcome Joss to the Team

“I’m So Ronery…. pic by Joss”

It has been a hell of an adventure putting this site together over the last couple weeks. My initial call for artists, screenshots, writers, and talent had a lot of responses, but no one has stepped up to the plate. Now I have more of a mindset of “don’t call us, we’ll call you”. Having said that if anyone wants to contribute, please do. DayzPvP.com is averaging 2,000 to 3,000 hits a day and we are growing all the time.

So let me introduce the man right now, meet Joss. DayZ survivor and screen shotter extraordinaire. I discovered his work on Reddit.com/r/DayZ (user: Foolishnun) His nice clean images, and wide cinematic framing is what caught my eye and I thought this style would be great for the site. We have worked out a deal where I get to use his art, and the readers get to know him and his work. Joss is also offering his services as a war correspondent for you and your clan. He will follow you around and document your exploits. Hopefully your exploits don’t include actual exploits.

“Good Will Hunting 2 Looks Fucking Awesome! pic by Joss”

Joss stays very busy with not only his Chernorus exploits, but other art and music projects as well. He runs a blog called “We Are Unfinished Artists” which finds peoples old art, craft, and fashion projects and puts them out in the world for others to finish. They actually hold workshops in the real-world meatspace of Birmingham, UK where they invite people to come in  and either drop off their unfinished art, or to help finish a neglected piece. Please visit his site here, or contact unfinishedartists@gmail.com

Not being content just working in the physical realm, he also works on music. Check out his band here: El Burro. Their song “Bang” sounds to me like a cross between some good old punk/ska, Monty Python (Americans think everything British reminds them of Monty Python), maybe with some… zombies added in? That middle ambient section could definitely have some zombies in it. Or have I just been playing too much DayZ and am now hearing things? El Burro has been described as “Syd Barrett trapped in an Atari, or a summer morning ruined by overzealous birds“.

“Nice Trigger Discipline There Bud. pic by Joss”

Either way I am glad to have him on the team. I will be using a lot of his shots over the coming months, and after a few get posted he will have a dedicated page to show off his amazing vistas and perspectives. Please comment below and tell us what you think.