ArmA 2 Patch 1.62 Released

For those that do not know, we have been waiting for the new ArmA 2 patch to come out. The time is now, so all the beta patches are over for now. We have been testing the ArmA patch with DayZ for about a month now (2 months or more for me, I adopted it and enjoyed it before it was required).

With this new patch we get ammo counters, increased security and script support. Expect hot fixes down the line though, there always is. If you have been playing DayZ these changes are nothing new, they are incremental and have mostly been very positive for ArmA and DayZ.

This new final patch is actually cross-compatable with the last beta patch which looks to be 95248. What this means is that you should be able to play right now if you or your server has either the last beta, or the final 1.62 patch installed.

Download ArmA 2 Patch 1.62 here

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Arma A 2 Combined Operations on Sale at Steam for $23.99

In case you missed it the Steam Summer Sale has finally hit! Click here to see the ArmA 2: Combined Operations Steam page. This is a great time to get into Dayz, or to grab a second account for a mule or just to have two guys to play with. Don’t forget that the price might drop even further.

Click here if you need to know how to run two DayZ accounts.

Contact me @ if you need help or comment below.

Who is buying the game for the first time? Who is buying their second account? Update #1 – 15,000 Views, Translation, Phone/Tablet Support, New Guides

It has been a busy first week for me getting this blog going, but it has been a lot of fun. Thank you for being along for the ride! Please subscribe, bookmark, and comment, and come back regularly. Also email me at or click here and use the form if you need anything at all.

I installed a plugin on the site that will translate everything (I hope) for you. We have a lot of traffic from Europe and elsewhere so now I say “Hello” to everyone across the world. This should make things easier for every one for now, I will work on better integration with the site soon. I just wanted to get the Google Translate feature up as soon as possible. Mobile phone and tablet support is installed now as well, I will be tweaking the settings.

I wanted to take this moment to let everyone know to watch out for some huge DayZ Guides that we are working on and will have ready soon. There are a lot of issues regarding how to get ArmA 2 and DayZ running well and is here to help you with that. I also have some new writers coming in to the mix, and would like more. Please check out this post if you want to contribute.

DayZ Creator Dean Hall Rezzed Session

This is the full video of Rocket’s presentation at Rezzed 2012. At this point there was 420,000 people that has played DayZ and over 22,000 peak concurrent users. Rocket starts off talking a bit about himself including his military experience and as a designer with Sidhe Interactive, he says he got sick of making crappy console games. He goes on to describe more about the game and the history of how he has been developing it. The challenges with such rapid growth include security and server issues, transitioning from “mod” to “game” and keeping his vision with regards to what he wants to finally achieve.

There are a lot of good screenshots (mock-ups really) in this presentation. One of my favorites shows a “noob” that looks like a young guy, he’s clean shaven and his clothes are new. Next to that we see the “veteran”. The vet is grizzled and older with a beard, longer hair, and dirty ripped up clothing. The clothing is definitely civilian, no military gear on those guys. Rocket wants to see a players face change if he becomes a bandit includinng maybe scars or a scowling face.


Video on next page.

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Server Browser/Launcher: DayZ Commander Beta Released

After waiting a couple of days for this new browser to be released I finally got a chance to try it out. The visual style is clean and modern, with a grey theme that reminds me of the old Valve and Steam software. Did you know that most people used to HATE Steam when it first came out? Times have changed.


This new browser has a ton of great features to get you going quickly including a very robust server browser, and finally a friends list. You also have the ability to join a friends game, although I haven’t had a chance to try that yet. A server favorites list is said to be on the way. I also would like to see a server history so you could see what server it was that had all the vehicles (to steal) or the hacker (to avoid).



Click below to grab the launcher

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Stockholm Syndrome: How Six Men Kidnapped Me in DayZ

Kidnappings are a fun, although totally unnecessary part of DayZ now. ArmA 2 has a built-in “surrender” function anyway so it was not a huge surprise to see people try and use it. I know someone who got “kidnapped“. Other clan mates were teasing him and telling him he should have just ALT-F4’ed or DC’ed. He said he was bored and just wanted to play along.

Basically what happened is that 2 or 3 guys with good gear and 2 ATV’s found him in Cherno and told him to drop his gun which he did. They told him he was now their slave and that his “tight ass would sell for a good price on the market“. After driving him around on and ATV they eventually stopped. I forget all the details, but they ended up back in  Cherno for some stupid reason and the “slave” grabbed an Enfield off a dead player and fought back.  Only after the whole thing was over did he tell us that they never took his pistol and he could have shot them anytime.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Video Settings Guide for ArmA 2 and DayZ

This is a really great guide that I used to get my game running smoother. I see a lot of people searching for graphics settings so I will be putting out a master guide here soon. Until then here is a great article by Rock Paper Shotgun. The info in here should get you much closer to the high FPS or “frames per second” that you need to be effective in PvP.

How To: Use Two DayZ Accounts on One Computer

Here is a quick guide to get you going on your second account. Simply installing/activating the second account is not going to work. You need to isolate both registry keys. Then you can export the registry file (don’t worry it just exports the Bohemia Interactive section if you do it right) and double click on the one you want. Push “Yes” then “OK”.

Click the link below for the how to.

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ArmA 2 Firing From the Hip Video

This quick little video shows how easy it is to fire from the hip in the ArmA2 engine. For those that don’t know, firing from the hip means that you do not raise the gun and look down the iron sights, or in the scope. You simply learn where the bullets come out (for most games it’s the center of the screen, in ArmA2 bullets exit from the gun barrel itself.

Knowing this should make you better at firing from the hip which can save your ass in a firefight. Sometimes it isn’t quick enough to raise the iron sights. For example, if you run around a blind corner (tip #2 – don’t run around blind corners!) and an enemy is right there a couple meters away you have to fire from the hip.