Server Browser/Launcher: DayZ Commander Beta Released

After waiting a couple of days for this new browser to be released I finally got a chance to try it out. The visual style is clean and modern, with a grey theme that reminds me of the old Valve and Steam software. Did you know that most people used to HATE Steam when it first came out? Times have changed.


This new browser has a ton of great features to get you going quickly including a very robust server browser, and finally a friends list. You also have the ability to join a friends game, although I haven’t had a chance to try that yet. A server favorites list is said to be on the way. I also would like to see a server history so you could see what server it was that had all the vehicles (to steal) or the hacker (to avoid).



Click below to grab the launcher

Filtering by server name does not work so great, but that is not the software fault. This morning as I am testing there is over 1400 servers, and most of them use various naming conventions. DayZ Commander pulls some of it’s information from the server name text such as UTC time zone information and uses that in the display. Sometimes the time on servers lag so be aware that even though it says a certain time, when you get in the server it might be different. Again, this is a DayZ issue, not an issue with this browser/updater.

The name filter, max ping filter, and options such as 3rd person on, crosshairs, etc. work well to allow you to pick the kind of server you want. Startup options and parameters can also be inputted, but it seems they don’t save right now, the author is working on that. My ArmA 2 version is shown, but not my DayZ version. A request has been made to allow you to launch using older versions, however I don’t think that is a big deal. Everyone playing on the updated version is better for everyone due to better netcode, but sometimes players and servers take a while to roll out the new versions so I know that feature would be used.

Have a look at it and be sure to update frequently as the software designer seems to be willing and able to update frequently, and wants the community to be involved in the process, so go leave some feedback.

DayZ Commander server browser from



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