Russia vs. Canada: the duality of man.

I got started with DayZ a little bit too late to experience the Kumbaya-singing, bean-swapping, tent-sharing earliest days of the mod. To me “friendly in Cherno?” is a death knell, not a cry for help. KOS (or kill-on-sight if you are new to military shooters) is the mantra and mindset now. For whatever it’s worth at least there is less of a let-down once you are betrayed. I knew all along that was a distinct possibility, if not a certainty.

If there is a little bit of a DayZ utopia going on, it *would* be in Canada. Either there or Switzerland. Anyone play on a Swiss server? I bet they run like a clock… The Russian servers, on the other hand, I am too scared to enter lest my credit-card number *and* my precious loot gets stolen.


Friendly in Cherno: Russia vs. Canada

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