[REQUEST] DayZ PvE: Videos of Players Dying for no Good Reason

DayZPvP.com has a new page I am calling “DayZ PvE: Videos of Players Dying for no Good Reason”

pic by Amoral_Batman

pic by Amoral_Batman


My buddy Cros had this great idea… Does anyone have or know of any links to very short (less than 1 minute) videos of people breaking their legs, taking damage, being knocked out, etc. For this project I will not accept anything inflicted by zombies, players, or moving vehicles. Obviously nothing like vaulting off the lighthouse (I did it to suicide once when I was infected), or falling from rooftops (unless something buggy caused it).

Please reply here, or email to Paleface@DayZPvP.com or use the contact form here and I will credit you. Also, works must be original please don’t rip anything and try to send that to me. Youtube links are the best because then the creator makes money from it.

Thank you, I will edit this post once I have some videos up.

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