How to Flip Your ATV Back Over in Less Than 2 Minutes.

We all have had the joy of finding an ATV in game, and the agony of flipping it over. The offroad vehicles have a good speed in the the woods, but if you are not careful they can flip. Honestly, even if you are very careful at some point it is going over on you.

Going over any kind of transition can be a disaster in this game. Check out this video of Cros dying to the threshold of a door frame. Sometimes driving where a bridge meets the road can blow you up or flip you as well. You can see this on the video as he flips while crossing the bridge.

I listed the 3 steps below if you can’t or don’t want to watch the video.


Youtuber S1pperyJim made the great video above and he gives 3 steps to flipping the ATV back over.


Step 1 – STAY ON the ATV. Getting off may make it so that you can’t get the scroll wheel options back, or may outright kill you if you do make it back on.

Step 2 – Turn your wheels toward the sky. Pretty simple, leave the wheel  turned all the way the whole time.

Step 3 – Reverse. Just hold reverse and within a couple minutes you should be flipped back, it is a slow process but is better than anything else right now.

Make sure when you drive up or down hills you go mostly straight up, watch the angle that you take. You know how you have to run at an angle to get up a hill? Don’t do that when driving or you will flip and tumble down the hill. There are other situations that cause trouble too.

Modding Arma For Better Gunfire Sounds (Not DayZ Ready yet)

Sounds in a game like DayZ are almost more important that the visuals. In the normal flow of the game you usually hear someone shooting WAY before you see them (that is why I only shoot when I absolutely HAVE to). Firing your gun can be a one-way ticket to the beach a lot of times.

Youtuber 1curis has put together a nice video showing off the JSRS sound mod from Armaholic. This mod is not perfect, but I think it does a pretty good job of approximating the real thing. I have shot a lot of guns in a lot of places, and I can tell you that the ArmA sounds are very lacking. The actual sound of the guns are not terrible when compared to some other games, but there is not much of an environmental effect (one of the reasons why I was a huge Battlefield fan).

Check out the video below. He is in the editor (don’t freak out about the skins) and he shoots most of the DayZ guns in a couple different areas of the map. I think that Rocket should try and incorporate some of this mod, or similar algorithms into the standalone game to add that whole other level of immersion.


Not a huge Enfield fan but I have to say that the modded sounds are awesome! The M240 and the M24 I think sounds the most real out of them. What are your guys thoughts?

Have You Ever Wanted to See the REAL Chernarus? Now You Can!

I can’t figure if these are totally awesome or completely insane.  Maybe a little form column A and a little from column B. They have traveled to the region of the Czech Republic that Chernarus is based on. We have all seen the pic of the Stary Sabor sheet metal building, and a few other shot like that. These guys and girls have taken things much further. They have gone to a lot of the real locations with their ArmA 2 map in hand.

Not to mention there is some really great cosplay/airsoft type of stuff going on complete with the right color Heinz beans! I really need to get my hands on one of those cans, just to have a little piece of DayZ history.

Forget the game for a while and just soak in the scenery. A lot of these little ponds and fences and stuff are really spot on. The game designers did a great job of bringing the country side to us. There really is a lot enjoy here, so get to it! Thanks to Nagasawa for posting the gallery.


Amazing Concept Art From a DayZ Fan.

I saw some of these pics by alex drummo concepts at quite a while ago. The basement shot was done right after Rocket started mentioning underground bases. There are a bunch of new additions now that I had never seen before. Some of these images are really great, and I think that they all capture the vibe of DayZ really well.

See for more, or contact Alex at

What Features Do You Most Want in DayZ?

Just a quick note here to bring your attention to a reddit post made by Rocket. He wants everyone to post their ideas for game additions for the stand alone. One idea per post, then people will upvote the ones that they like. I already addaed a few like squeaking/creaking doors, and add the SKS and .22 caliber weapons.

If you are active on Reddit (if not. why not?) run over there and post up your ideas, or at least up/down vote the ideas that are there. Lets try and help Rocket make this full release really special.

What features do you most want in DayZ?

After you guys post you can add your ideas to the comments below if you want.

Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead – pic by Joss


Our friends from DDayHollywood keep cranking out the hits. I think this one might be the best one so far since it mashes together two things that we love: DayZ and Reddit. Some might not know about the Reddit Rescue Force, maybe it is time for a short profile.

DayZ can be very unforgiving, but there are some groups like Dr. Wasteland or the Reddit Rescue Force that aims to make it a bit easier. What RRF does is provide medical supplies or food to anyone that posts a request on r/RedditRescueForce. The leaders have went ahead and vetted people as medics so that the “customers” are usually assured an asshole-free experience. Bandits and griefers, however, stick to no such code, and try and make things hard for both the rescuers and rescued.

Without futher ado, below is the latest video. If you have not seen them yet, the earlier videos are Gamma and BrightnessI’d Kill for Some Beans, and My First Experience With DayZ. Also, check out our exclusive interview with Xtian Bretz and crew.



Let us know what you think about these videos in the comments below.

“The Freeside Trading Company” by Joss, The DayZ War Photographer

“Photojournalism from the fronts lines of the Chenarus infestation.”

Trust is a finite resource on Chenarus, but it’s a commodity that the boys of the Freeside Trading Company must rely on. 

Click here to read more about our war correspondent Joss.

(Gallery of full-sized images at the bottom of the page)

A customer is met at the entrance before being escorted into the Trading Post.

When two people meet on Chenarus, usually one of them ends up dead. But the Freeside Trading Company is attempting to carve out a little piece of civilization in a world dominated by mistrust and desperate aggression. They are doing this in the face of banditry, zombie infestation and relentless hacker attacks.

The Company is run by three main officers: Publik, Vulwulf and Kurkistan. When Publik first contacted me he told me that they had managed to set up a working trading post on Chenarus. Every weekend they meet, customers turn up and they facilitate trades between the people who arrive. I was impressed. How could this even be possible? It seemed to me like a logistical nightmare. When I asked Vulwulf why it is that they do this he told me: “I can’t give you a really good answer as to why I do it – why we do it… So many people had said ‘this is a great idea but it isn’t possible’. I did it half to prove them wrong and half to do something amazing.” They have certainly achieved this goal.

After being met on the coast I am driven to the trading post in one of the Company’s vehicles.

When I arrived at the camp I was even more impressed. Barbed wire, tank traps and sandbags have been placed to force customers through a prescribed route through the camp and into the customer holding area. Customers are met a short distance outside of camp and are escorted by two members of the company whenever they wish to enter or leave. They must walk at all times, never run and have their weapons lowered. They are constantly watched by ever-vigilant guards. Customers must all stay inside the holding pen at all times and sit on the floor when not making a trade. That can either trade with each other or sometimes directly with the Company itself. The whole operation runs smoothly and efficiently with everyone aware of their roles.

Kurkistan puts down an errant zombie

The Company faces a problem. It’s the big one. The hackers. Every single op they run is a huge target for those looking to test out their new hacks. I had only been at the trading post for an hour before a hacker ran a script that insta-killed everyone on the server, and the hackers are taking their toll. Publik speaks of an “utter lack of morale at this point with all the bullshit that we pull. DayZ at the moment is kinda run by the hackers. It’s sad but true.”

A group of traders is escorted out having concluded their evening’s trading. Just moments they and everyone else on the server were killed instantly by a hacker’s script.

So why are the company still trading in the face of this onslaught? “Every time I see a post on the forums saying ‘you guys are doing a great job, we traded with you guys and despite what’s happening with the hackers you should keep going’ that is what keeps me going.”

Juicebox, a charismatic and confident combat officer, told me: “It’s the greatest game I’ve ever played when you actually fight someone that’s legit. It’s the most intense feeling I’ve ever had. That’s why I keep playing, just hoping for that fair fight.”. Then Vulwulf chimes in: “We actually had a legit attack on Friday’s op. From what I gathered from the radio chatter during the confusion there were 8 of them. We had killed four and lost two of ours. We were laying down suppressing fire while a team of three led by Kurkistan tried to flank them. Then just as they were coming up on their flank a hacker teleported us all to Solnichniy and tried to blow us all up with a satchel charge. Even with the hacker attack it was still the most fun I’d had during an op.”

A counter-sniper team including Juicebox, Xyro and Kitrick keep a vigilant watch over the Trading Post and constantly scan the treelines for possible attackers.

I was along for the ride during trading hours last Sunday when they suffered their most devastating attack to date, which ended with an explosive finale. For once the attackers appeared to be genuine non-hackers. They were highly organized and on this occasion the Freeside Trading Company were bested. Their number were diminished quite possibly due to the morale issues cited by Publik – ten players, four new. According to Vulwulf this is “what I consider just enough people to safely defend Devil’s Castle.” I was atop the tower photographing of one of their sniper team when it happened. The shot rang out and the sniper fell to floor before my eyes. I immediately hit the deck and crawled panicking back down into the tower. The radio chatter became furtive as the Company responded. Snipers manned their posts, the guards on the gate readied for battle and a team was designated to mount a counter attack on the snipers, to be led by Juicebox. This team needed another member and, tempted by the thought of the amazing action that might greet the lens of my camera, I volunteered. Big mistake.

Santaman the guard hops his bunker wall to clean up a few zeds.



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DammitBael: Playing Without Sound

Sound Bael. Play with sound!

“Shots Fired!”

“Hit! Dead! Man down.”

“Get back in the buildings! Watch the windows, cover the stairs.”


Grimm was calm and collected, giving orders to the group of us. One of our members had been shot and killed. We had been moving from one apartment to the next on the north part of Berezino, and the poor soul in the middle of the line had been taken out. Those who were already heading to the second apartment breached safely and took cover while those of us still in the first apartment were stuck waiting, taking cover and searching for the enemy.

My memory gets a little hazy here. The most I remember for a small while is being terrified out of my mind. My gut was twisting. My teammates were mobilizing for a counter attack. We had little intel as to size and strength of the enemy. There was confirmed two ghillies lying on the hillside. Grimm took a couple guys to try and flank. Grenades were thrown. Death messages spammed across the screen.


“We’re dead.”


“Some of them are dead too.”

“How many more enemies left?”

“Unsure. We got a Solnichny spawn, we’re coming back to help.”

“Who’s left alive in there?”

“Josh and Bael.”

That was worst possible sentence to have ever heard muttered– poor Josh, getting stuck alone with me. He might as well have been the last man standing. I looked over to my left. Josh and I had been using the windows to try and give the team leverage. I was positioned in the first hallway, on the top floor of the tallest apartment, prone, pistol trained on the doorway. Josh was moving to my left, checking all the rooms, going from balcony to window, watching for players.


“I hear them moving Bael.”

“You hear what?”

“Someone’s moving outside the building. He’s coming in—I can hear him on the stairs.”

“Josh, you have to be my ears…I don’t have my sound on.”

Grimm chokes on something.

“You don’t have what, Bael?”

“Sound, Grimm. I don’t have my sound on….”

“Shhhsh Bael, He’s coming up, get ready!”


The screen flashes white, I receive the indicator on the side of the screen for shock and surprise. I jump and squeal and unload a whole mag from my M1911 into the corner of the wall.


“What are you doing Bael?!”

“Killing him?”

“He threw a grenade…Dammit Bael. Reload, I’m covering the door.”



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3 DayZ Total Conversion Mods That Will be Made Someday

One of my favorite things about Rocket is that he understands that a great game is more than a game. A truly amazing game can be a platform itself. One way to change a simple game into something more is to make it easy to modify. Some games have this customization built in like The Sims 3 for example. The developers give you the tools, and you make the content. Spore was a great example of this. Will Wright being the brilliant man he is realized that if you give the customer powerful tools they will make most of your content for you. It works two-fold – the dev gets content made for free, and the players get invested in their own worlds. Be warned I linked to some different games here. That is how ads work, if you buy them it helps keep this blog running, thank you.

The Future is Bright - pic by Joss

The Future is Bright – pic by Joss


Game as Platform

Minecraft was one game that I thought would run with my “platform” concept. All the building blocks were there… I know, bad pun! Although you could do so much with the basic textures and mechanics, the modding scene is what truly makes Minecraft great. There are a few people that never changed a texture pack, or installed a mod, but I think most players dabbled at least a little bit.

The thing that hurts Minecraft is the lack of a true modding API. For those that do not know API means “application programming interface”. API just means a simple way to get at the guts of a game. For example if you want to change something without an API you have to either break open and change the core code, or make more code that rides on top and intercepts commands coming in and out of the software. With an API you just tell the software what changes you want and they are seamlessly integrated. This is a very crude explanation, but it will work for now.

Minecraft had a good shot at being that amazing platform. If Notch would have taken this route you might have hundreds or thousands of complete games based off of his software. As it is, we can get pretty close with some really awesome mods that change a lot about the game like Mo Creatures which adds “mo” creatures or Millenare which makes all kinds of villages packed with things to do.

Things kind of fell short when Notch decided that *HE* wants to provide the content, and *HE* wants to control what you do with *HIS* game. If he would have let go a little and gave up some of that control things may have gone different. As it stands he made a classic game and got rich, so what more can you ask for? Right?

DayZ is Different

Rocket has a slightly different viewpoint. Mr. Hall takes a different approach toward modding, most likely because he is a modder himself. However do not forget that he was a lead dev on ArmA 3 before he came out with DayZ, don’t pigeon hole him as a modder only. He sees the whole picture pretty well now, from player, to modder, to developer, to publisher.

Now people may say “Rocket has too much control, he won’t let us make PvE servers or let us have 50 helicopters per map, and why can’t everyone just spawn with an AS50 and NVG’s?!” In this sense, for the sake of the current game he has kept a TON of control. In the next phase, whatever exactly that might be, I think you will see more power given back to the players. A simple API will be built into the standalone game making it easier for people to change and tweak his code to bring about wild and crazy things that even Dean never thought were possible. Just like he did with ArmA 2.

DayZ: Capitol Wasteland

Think of it now: Super Mutants… Bottle caps…. Beans? A Fallout 3 version of DayZ would be so much fun. The games are very similar in a lot of ways already with the wasteland setting, rotten disgusting enemies (I am looking at you smoothskin), and the whole scrounging for ammo thing. Many of the basic mechanics are the same in both games, it would not be a stretch to see a new map, new textures, and a few tweaks to the core mechanics.

One of the things that DayZ lacks is a strong story line, and Fallout has many years of fake history and lore to draw from. NPC’s would probably need to be in the game for it to work right, and that might be a little stretch but I think Rocket and Co. plus some talented modders could pull it off. This one is a no-brainer.


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