Online Debate: What is the Best PvP Gun in DayZ?

Let’s have it out. What is the best gun for PvP in DayZ. Comment below and at the end of the week we will have a poll to find the ultimate best PvP gun in DayZ. There might not be an easy winner here because there are so many ways to go about PvP in this game. Do you like to be up close and personal? Snipe from afar? Do you like to ninja in and pew-pew-pew with your beloved MP5SD6? Are you a straight up AS50 whore?


I Think My Backpack is Glitched Again


Everyone has their favorites, and different reasons for why. I am going to start off the debate by saying that I think the best gun in DayZ is the AKS-74 Kobra. The AKM can be zeroed and has more power (and is much more common for both the gun and ammo). The M4CCO has a similar sight and more plentiful ammo. Click here to view the weapons comparison chart.


I just have to say for running around the city there is no better gun than the Kobra. It is accurate up close and has a very clean, easy to use sighting system. Believe it or not, it is a pretty good zombie gun as well. At a deer stand or helicopter crash you can stay way back and head shot the zeds, and if you are careful you can pick them off one at a time without aggroing the others. But we are not here to talk about sniveling, slobbering zombies.

What is the best PvP gun in DayZ and why? Comment below, lets get a lively debate going and after a couple days I will take all the suggestions, put them in a poll and we will vote.


20 thoughts on “Online Debate: What is the Best PvP Gun in DayZ?

  1. depends on location and player skill i’d say. however for general purpose and LOW/MED players, I would definitely go with the Enfield. They drop almost everywhere, and easy for low/mid players to get. Range is pretty decent (300m?), iron sights are okay (say compared to AK? i feel like i cant aim for shit on those, especially since AK chops so hard (blokka blokka)). I actually just started using it, and since then i’ve been literally merking people. Use pistol for close range (as you should, vs zombies, etc), and use Enfield for mid/long distance. I shot a guy in a window around 300+ meters away, in the tippy top of the face. dropped him. Loved it since then.

    We’re talking PVP, right? there is no stronger gun, no faster way to end a fight then the enfield (talking lower end game, not like 50 cals n shit). You can try to run tactics, movement, etc with some sort of AK/M4/etc, and have a drawn out firefight. but all you need to do is connect with the Enfield once, and finish off the player, battle over.

    There is no scope, which id say is BETTER. I dont usually play a Sniper role, im more of an Assault, or Scout, and not having a scope and using iron sights allows you to still have periphal vision while zoomed in, without black as you see in scopes, and less recoil throwing your cross hair into the sky.

    You can gear up with pack, Enfield, and m1911 in Cherno, in like 20min and ready to hunt people. Perhaps go another rifle/smg for zombies, or something. but for PVP definitely enfield. Yeah its loud, but you’d be surprised how many zombies dont aggro from it.

    I killed 9 players last night. 4 from enfield, and 5 from Magnum. Great setup, was geared in cherno in like 15min. I will always drop and AK/M4 for an Enfield, if i have a good pistol with significant ammo.

    TL:DR – ENFIELD. Budget PVP man hunter, end of story. Easily looted (fully geared in 20min), good range, even better dmg. you should be using pistol in towns/ vs zombies anyways. Enfield is a GREAT weapon to start hunting players.

    Looking forward to other feedback

  2. The L85 for the thermal scope. Otherwise, I’d say the DMR (assuming you know your millidots) because it’s great for 100-800m targets, and you can unscope at shorter range. It is forgiving with the semi-auto, works with nightvision, not as rare as some other guns, and the ammo isn’t too rare either. The large mag size is very useful as well. It’s not always a one shot kill, but getting two hits is not hard unless the target is moving, in which case you would have no more trouble than with any other weapon.

  3. The mk 48 mod 0 or the M14 AIM:

    -The M14 AIM is pretty easy to find for good player, 8000 dmg/hit.
    -Mk 48 mod is powerful as M14 AIM with a HUGE mag (100 Rnd).

    They can be use with NVG.
    They do 8000 dmg/hit, it’s enough for eliminate a lonely player due to bleeding and inconscious.

  4. Hmm, it’s an intresting question … and depends highly on the playstyle of each individual.
    There is no “1 best gun” for PVP …

    So here is imo, the best gun for my 2 playstyles, being “Agressive” & “Passive”.

    Now for a gun to suit an Agressive play style, you need a few things,
    – Is it easy to find ?
    – Do you need to travel far north to find it ?
    – Is Ammo a common drop ?
    – Is it a fast kill ?

    So imo, there is only 1 weapon that really fits the job for an Agressive play style, and it’s the All Mighty, hated by it’s victimes LEE ENFIELD.
    – 400m Effective range, capable of Dropping pigletts from 600 befor bullet drop even becomes a factor to compensate
    – 1 Hit kill in it’s effective range
    – You find ammo all over the place
    – Easy to find, really is
    – 10 rds per clip, ok, but when you are hunting players, you are already supposed to have good aim.
    – Semi, follow up shots are easy.

    Sure, it’s a Semi, some will say that Auto will have the advantage, but honnestly, WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU ?

    Now, the Passive play style, is what I call the Sniper …
    And, well for me a Sniper is not about how much damage it will spit … no, a sniper rifle is for Accuracy, accurate shots & consistancy.

    Now, go into the firing range, test those snipers, and you will notice that 1 steps out from the lot.
    And I am talking about the M24.
    It sure does pack a punch, even if it is not always a 1hk, you will be accurate as hell with it.

    I would hapily abandone an AS50 with enough ammo to kill the entire population of earth for an M24.

    – DMR Mags, have a few of them, and you are set to fight an army
    – Ammo is easy to find, as DMR mags are upon the most common military grade ammo drops
    – Accurate Zeroing, each mill dot = 100m, as opposed to a few scopes out there.

    I mean, wtf, not gonna defend it, it will defend it’s self.

    Now those are my 2 favorite weapons in the game.
    I purpously did not count the FN FAL, as ammo is not a common find, but the 2 bullet kill is awsome in close quarters.

    • I have to agree with just about everything you said. The FN is indeed a great gun, so powerful and accurate. The ring sight is not my favorite, but there is next to no kick at all. Sadly, I have to throw it on the ground once the last mag is gone (or never pick it up due to no mags).

      Anything using DMR mag is going to have heavy consideration since, as you say, you can find the mags anywhere just about.

  5. Best early game PvP weapon is by far the lee enfield BUT there is a gun that is bette ronce you get out of the bean coast.
    The MK 48! Does the same amount of damage as the no .50 cal snipers, the aimpoint is zeroed to 400m, its full auto AND you get 100mags that arn’t too hard to find. Thats 50 kills in one mag if you’re a decent shot. The MK 48 is one of the most underrated guns in the game IMO. People think oh its an lmg why would I use an lmg blah blah blah, its pretty much a sniper rifle on steroids.

  6. My Favorite is the M14 Aim, it’s basically a DMR without the scope, I prefer an acog sight to a sniper scope. Also the effective range before bullet drop needs to be accounted for is around 400m all you really need… If they are any farther someone else will beat you to the body.

  7. There is no single best weapon for any purpose.

    Best estimate is to go by weapon combo’s,
    like in a team of two i would prefer AS50 + a spotter with L85A2 AWS.
    if i was alone in the field, i would probably go with M4A1 CCO SD + L85A2 AWS.

    But it also always depends on the situation you are in. Do you require silent guns? Do you require guns with long range? do you require guns for heavy supressive fire?

  8. my favourite is definitely the AS50, i’ve dropped people as far as 1500m with it. and cause of the odd sound it makes, no one even hears you. this is of course really only good when you’re hunting entire squads or end game type players. there is no more satisfying feeling then dropping some ghillie sniper with a m107 who thought he was the shit.

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