Movement = Death in DayZ

One of the most important things to remember when playing DayZ is how you are seen to other players. Various things like the time of day/night, the surrounding objects player skins and profile faces all play a factor in how visible you are in-game. Know what your visual profile is at all times. I don’t just mean the eye indicator on the right side of the screen –  that’s how zombies see you.

If you are in good concealment in relation to your player skin, and you remain absolutely still you have a good chance of people not seeing you if they quickly scan over. Moving makes your player stand out from the background and your camouflage will not work as well. Not all cammo is good for all situations, although generally speaking the harder to find, the better the skin.

Human beings have eyesight that is adapted to picking out movement from the still background. Our peripheral vision is especially tuned to movement. There might be times in-game when another player has initially missed you in a quick look or glass-down of an area. Then you, thinking he is not looking at you, begin to move and the players peripheral vision catches that movement. Once the brain detects movement, the eyes are pulled right to it, meaning that you are spotted. This effect is doubled for you, as you are now moving and your eyesight, stamina, and breath (not to mention water and food) are depleting, putting you at an even larger disadvantage.

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