Modding Arma For Better Gunfire Sounds (Not DayZ Ready yet)

Sounds in a game like DayZ are almost more important that the visuals. In the normal flow of the game you usually hear someone shooting WAY before you see them (that is why I only shoot when I absolutely HAVE to). Firing your gun can be a one-way ticket to the beach a lot of times.

Youtuber 1curis has put together a nice video showing off the JSRS sound mod from Armaholic. This mod is not perfect, but I think it does a pretty good job of approximating the real thing. I have shot a lot of guns in a lot of places, and I can tell you that the ArmA sounds are very lacking. The actual sound of the guns are not terrible when compared to some other games, but there is not much of an environmental effect (one of the reasons why I was a huge Battlefield fan).

Check out the video below. He is in the editor (don’t freak out about the skins) and he shoots most of the DayZ guns in a couple different areas of the map. I think that Rocket should try and incorporate some of this mod, or similar algorithms into the standalone game to add that whole other level of immersion.


Not a huge Enfield fan but I have to say that the modded sounds are awesome! The M240 and the M24 I think sounds the most real out of them. What are your guys thoughts?

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