How To: Use Two DayZ Accounts on One Computer

Here is a quick guide to get you going on your second account. Simply installing/activating the second account is not going to work. You need to isolate both registry keys. Then you can export the registry file (don’t worry it just exports the Bohemia Interactive section if you do it right) and double click on the one you want. Push “Yes” then “OK”.

Click the link below for the how to.


  • You need two copies of the game. Doesn’t matter from where.
  • Install the first copy.
  • Start > Search/run regedit.exe
  • Go to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Bohemia Interactive Studio\ArmA 2 OA”. You will see an entry called “KEY”. This is the registry entry for that installation’s CD key. Click on it (don’t open it).
  • File > Export > Save it on your desktop. This will act as a shortcut to use your first cdkey/profile/character. You can name it whatever you want.
  • Now you can install the second instance of the game, and follow the steps above to create a second shortcut to the second cdkey/profile/character. I put these next to my launcher to run the beta version of Arma II.
  • Your character profile in game will remain the same as before, so make a new character and use that for your second profile.

Note: You might not have the Wow6432Node part

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