How to Flip Your ATV Back Over in Less Than 2 Minutes.

We all have had the joy of finding an ATV in game, and the agony of flipping it over. The offroad vehicles have a good speed in the the woods, but if you are not careful they can flip. Honestly, even if you are very careful at some point it is going over on you.

Going over any kind of transition can be a disaster in this game. Check out this video of Cros dying to the threshold of a door frame. Sometimes driving where a bridge meets the road can blow you up or flip you as well. You can see this on the video as he flips while crossing the bridge.

I listed the 3 steps below if you can’t or don’t want to watch the video.


Youtuber S1pperyJim made the great video above and he gives 3 steps to flipping the ATV back over.


Step 1 – STAY ON the ATV. Getting off may make it so that you can’t get the scroll wheel options back, or may outright kill you if you do make it back on.

Step 2 – Turn your wheels toward the sky. Pretty simple, leave the wheel ┬áturned all the way the whole time.

Step 3 – Reverse. Just hold reverse and within a couple minutes you should be flipped back, it is a slow process but is better than anything else right now.

Make sure when you drive up or down hills you go mostly straight up, watch the angle that you take. You know how you have to run at an angle to get up a hill? Don’t do that when driving or you will flip and tumble down the hill. There are other situations that cause trouble too.

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