Chernarus Location Names Translated Into English

Have you ever been lost in Chernarus and stumbled across a street sign or new town and wondered what the name means? I have. For those that don’t know, most of Chernarus is based off of parts of the Czech Republic, using real-world data. The size in-game is 225 square kilometers (now you know why it takes FOREVER to walk somewhere). The landscape consists of 50 villages, towns, and cities and there are over 1 million 3D objects in the game. Loading screens between zones: zero.

In the real Cherno there is a river where the ocean is in game. Some of the map looks very familiar. Below is a very good, but very long video. Go to about 1:30 to the part where he talks about the river. If you are as interested in geography and culture as I am (even fake culture) then it is worth a look. If you only want to find out what the names in Chernorus mean, go to the next page.

Some of the names deal with the landscape or environmental features. For example, I think Myshkino has something to do with “mouse” but I am not sure so I have not added that yet. Some are names after people such as Kozlovka named after Lord Kozlov. Some are obvious like Vyshnoye which means something like “high ground” or “high place”.


The people of the fictional East Europe country are said to be part Chernarus (their own ethnicity) and part Russian. With the mighty bear of the Soviet state to the north of them, the Chernarussians are heavily influenced by the former Soviet state, but never lost their independence. Duke Kozlov was one of the main founders and he built himself a castle which is now known as Devils Castle. The other two castle sites are Rob meaning “horn” and Zub meaning “tooth”.

The most geologically interesting are is the north east where an ancient glacier carved the land into the area known as Blunt Rocks. The nearby Black Forest is very wild and untamed, and local legends tell of a “sasquatch” type of beast that roams that part of the country side. I swear I saw one before! He was very hairy and shaggy, and he was carrying an AS-50 on his back!



The industrial revolution brought power and commerce to the land, but the old railroads were hindered by yearly rains and floods. The decision was made to create a highway system to transport goods out of the industrial centers. Pobeda Dam was built to try and hinder the rushing waters, and the hydroelectric Elektrozavodsk power plant was put on line. Elektro was the cultural hub of the nation, full of pubs and shops. However, Elektro was hit hard by industrialization, and most of the projects are not finished.

A lot of this development pushed people out of the villages and towns and down into the cities. Cherno and Elektro (as DayZ players affectionately call them) grew  more and more. The newly erected cities do not have much historical weight, however I did find out that Chernogorsk was once a simple fishing village at one time.


Click read the rest of this entry below to find out what most of the names mean…



This is a list of all the names I can find. Some might not be totally accurate as I speak no other languages but English. Anyone who knows Czech or Russian please comment at the bottom and let us know what I am missing. I will add to the list and credit you. Please forgive any mistakes, I am not trying to insult your native tongue.

Thanks to user metal, and reddit user Lippuringo for adding to the list. Added more, thanks metal!


Город Name Meaning
Черногорск Chernogorsk black city
Электрозаводск Elektrozavodsk electric factory
Березино Berezino birch
Зеленогорск Zelenogorsk green city
Красностав Krasnostav “Red Hedquarters”
Старый Собор Stary Sobor old cathedral
Солнечный Solnichniy sunny, “Gate of Three Valleys”
Каменка Kamenka The heater, stone, rock
Камышово Kamyshovo reed
Комарово Komarovo mosquito
Нижнее Nizhnoye lower
Пригородки Prigorodki suburb
Бор Bor boron, pine forest
Долина Dolina valley
Дрожино Drozhino
Дубровка Dubrovka oak
Горка Gorka hill
Гришино Grishino hill, diminutive version of the name Gregory
Гуглово Guglovo
Гвоздно Gvozdno
Кабанино Kabanino wild boar
Хелм Khelm helm
Козловка Kozlovka named for Duke Kozlov
Лопатино Lopatino might be for Pyotr Lopatin
Могилевка Mogilevka grave
Мста Msta
Мышкино Myshkino mouse
Надеждино Nadezhdino
Новый Собор Novy Sobor The new cathedral
Орловец Orlovets eagle
Ольша Olsha alder
Павлово Pavlovo Paul
Петровка Petrovka
Погоревка Pogorevka
Поляна Polana meadow
Пулково Pulkovo
Пуста Pusta empty
Пустошка Pustoshka wasteland
Рогово Rogovo
Шаховка Shakhovka
Сосновка Sosnovka pine
Старое Staroye The old
Тулга Tulga
Выбор Vybor choice
Вышное Vyshnoye the highest
Балота Balota swamp
Рог Rog horn
Зуб Zub tooth


 If you have anything to add comment below and I will credit you!

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