Have You Ever Wanted to See the REAL Chernarus? Now You Can!

I can’t figure if these are totally awesome or completely insane.  Maybe a little form column A and a little from column B. They have traveled to the region of the Czech Republic that Chernarus is based on. We have all seen the pic of the Stary Sabor sheet metal building, and a few other shot like that. These guys and girls have taken things much further. They have gone to a lot of the real locations with their ArmA 2 map in hand.

Not to mention there is some really great cosplay/airsoft type of stuff going on complete with the right color Heinz beans! I really need to get my hands on one of those cans, just to have a little piece of DayZ history.

Forget the game for a while and just soak in the scenery. A lot of these little ponds and fences and stuff are really spot on. The game designers did a great job of bringing the country side to us. There really is a lot enjoy here, so get to it! Thanks to Nagasawa for posting the gallery.


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