Hacking, Scripting, and Griefing: A DayZ Primer


The DayZ user experience is getting worse by the day. Average players having their game ruined by someone else should  be due to their own incompetence, not an injected script. As a normal, law abiding citizen of Chernarus I enjoy giving people by own brand of “grief” via hot lead coming at them at 3,000 feet per second, which is about how fast a bullet travels from the barrel of an assault rifle.



I admit I am one of those dickheads that kills you, takes your ammo and gadgets, then hides your body so you can’t get your stuff back. If I leave your body then you better be sure that me or someone else is just using it for bait. Call me an asshole all you want – resources are scarce and you gotta do what ya gotta do.

I get a huge rush knowing that me and my enemy are on equal ground. He can see me and I can see him. He can shoot me, and I can shoot him. If I best him in combat it is because I am better, faster, more wise. Not because I stole mommies credit card for some quick shits and giggles on a full server.

By the same token, when I die in a fair fight I know it was only for one reason. I was stupid.

The Defense Department Regrets to Inform You That Your Sons Are Dead Because They Were Stupid

The Defense Department Regrets to Inform You That Your Sons Are Dead Because They Were Stupid


Quit Calling Them Hackers

Let’s get a few terms out in the open. Stop calling them “hackers”. The people that are ruining DayZ are not hackers in any way. Hackers do what they do mostly for the thrill of discovery. Exploration of the unknown. Being the first one to say “I did that”. I am not advocating hacking in anyway, but I understand the desire to take something apart and see how it works, might that be a VCR or DVD player, a frog, or a website. This is natural.

What is not natural is getting extreme, possibly sexual satisfaction from making someone else feel bad. If you did a survey of DayZ “hackers” I think you would find a lot of misfits that did not get the love and attention that they deserved as a kid. For some reason either they were not raised right, or they are missing something in their lives. No body will pay attention to them IRL so they seek the spotlight elsewhere. They are sick of people picking on them and it makes them feel good to go pick on someone else.

The proper term is griefer or griefing. Do not give these punks the title of hacker. They did not create anything, they did not invent anything, they did not discover anything. It requires zero skill, dedication, or patience to do what they do. They are children with an aimbot, nothing more.


It Happened to Me

My experience with all these issues is thankfully not very much. I have had a guy teleport to me and kill me with a silenced weapon. He was doing this to everyone. I know this is true because death messages were popping up at a pace of one every 5 seconds or so. I was in the forest in the east, and I had 2 clan mates in Cherno. We all died in the same manner in a span of about 20 seconds. No way that was legit. Also, nobody saw the guy even though the shots were point-blank.

Another thing I have seen is the huge flames lingering over Elektro. It looked like the whole city was on fire, but as you got closer and stood in the flames you could see that the whole area was covered by this effect. Another “hack” is to teleport everyone into the air or to one place where they start killing each other.


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What Can You do?

Honestly, not much. Make sure you play on servers that have a lot of admin help and support. Only play on servers that list a web site or email address in the welcome message (displayed when you first get in the server). These servers tend to have a better time dealing with these attacks. I do not recommend playing in off-hive servers because they have Battle Eye turned off, and that is just going to make the problem worse.

If you encounter a “hack” the best thing to do is just leave. You are going to die and lose your stuff if you stay. If you stick around and let them kill you, or you try and go after them yourself you are only encouraging them. They are crying out for attention and we all know: NEVER FEED THE TROLLS.

There are some great servers out there. I want the admins of these servers to know that we appreciate their hard work and time that they put in. You should support these guys by keeping their servers full, and by donating some money when you can. It costs around $50-$100 every month to keep a server going, it is not cheap. Rally around the good guys in this community and the rest will be worked out.


Where Do We Go From Here? 

I am disappointed to finally admit that “hackers” are ruining this game, but we have to remember that this is all an experiment. Having these issues now is fine because they will be fixed upon release. Many, many AAA big name titles have just as bad or worse “hacking” issues, this is nothing new. For the last couple  months I have defended this game and the developers with all my might. I still hold out hope that the ban hammer will swing freely and the newest batch of $17 keys that serve no other purpose than to inject scripts are gone. The issue was bad before, and after the big bunch of bans came out it was quiet for a while. We can only hope that Battle Eye and BIS can get this thing fixed before the community starts getting sick of it.

The scripting, the ALT-F4, the ghosting, the server hopping – these are all serious issues. Some are infrastructural issues, some are game play related. I know for a fact that BIS is logging a lot of data right now and Rocket and team will use that information the best way they can. We just all have to be a little more patient.

Have you been “hacked”? Do you know of good servers with active admins? If so please post them in the comments below so we can support them.


7 thoughts on “Hacking, Scripting, and Griefing: A DayZ Primer

  1. I play on AUS/NZ Servers and over the past couple of weeks these “griever’s” are destroying Dayz in a way I’ve never experienced. To build your character to a level of competitiveness in the face of the undead horde, no less the bandit scourge, is as enjoyable as it is difficult. For this then to be thrown out the window and under a bus that’s been dropped from a hercules by some ridiculous moron with no point or purpose in life stresses me more than Mal never making babies with Inara. The amount of joy these people get from spawn killing countless numbers of dedicated survivors is way beyond any measure of sanity. All my fingers are crossed for the prospect of a much much more stable and protected server base as well as severe punishments for those whom decide to ruin everyone’s day.

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  3. On the flipside… I had a “scripter,” as he wanted to be called, help me out today after I was stuck in the debug wilderness, lost all my gear and then re-spawned w/o anything AND was under the floor of a building in Novy Sobor. He guided me, using an internet chat room, to downgrade versions of my dayz/arma2 and then when i logged back in, i was alive again! and NOT stuck in an impossible building to escape. Then we rode around on a dirtbike for awhile, he gave me my same set of gear back, and we parted ways. Not normal and open to abuse (obviously) but it was awesome to have someone who just wanted to fix Dayz core problems.

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