is looking for bloggers, artists and tacticians.

Do you have a blog or site and want to cross-promote? Are you tactically minded and know a lot about the game that you can offer to others? Maybe you have never wrote for a blog before and would like to start. This whole thing is new to me so the design is not perfect, but we all know content is king.┬áis growing fast but I need different perspectives to offer my readers. I am looking for either guest bloggers or people that want to write only for. Obviously the blog is geared toward the PvP aspect, but in these early days my readers can use any information they can get their hands on. A few people have offered to help, but so far none has. I don’t want words or promises, I want production and content. 1-2 posts a week would be perfectly fine if that is all you can muster. I also post reviews and links that need blurbs written for them.

If you want to get involved just send me either a whole post, or part of a post you have written. If it’s good I will put it up. The first few posts I will post myself, always using your name at the top giving you proper credit. After you get a few posts under your belt I will change your status to author and you can post yourself. I just don’t want to add a blogger that does one or 2 posts then is never seen again. If you have a nice one-off thing you have written, that can work too. I will post it, of course putting your name prominently at the top.

After some time as a guest contributor you can have your own section. Think of it as a column in a newspaper or magazine. Of course this all takes time, trust must be built. I have another much, much larger project in the works as well, but that is in the weeks ahead.

Please reply, PM, email or use the contact form here.

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  1. Hello, let me start by introducing myself.

    My Name is Josh, I have been playing games all my life, from the classic games like Pac Man to the latest generation of gaming extraordinaire, just recently I have been into the idea of writing for any sort of article site (Of course only about gaming).

    My main passion aside from gaming would be creating stories, or novels, I just love seeing characters come to life and evolve, as well as the story coinciding with the importance of character decision..well now that you know abit about me, why not start with what I can bring to the table here at DayZpvp, since DayZPVP is focused on well, Player versus player combat, there is plenty of interesting content that really anyone can write about, whether it be that first player kill, or the first time they got slaughtered by a bandit and lost all that sweet gear!.

    Since DayZ is largely about player driven adventure, player combat and clan clashes are ALOT of the occurences in DayZ, this brings ALOT of content to write about..infact almost an endless stream, but what really makes the writer of an article’s content stand out is creativity and innovation; what can He/She do to differentiate content that other sites or other publishers have gone over countless times?

    I’m here to say, “I want to give it a shot”, I’ve been playing DayZ since the first few weeks of release and believe I have the “Know-how” to get some real entertaining articles out there!
    from guides to simple tips I’m almost sure I can find a way to make it a great experience not only for I, but for the readers of dayzpvp!

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