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I have been using this app for quite a while now on my Kindle Fire (running Android 4.0 a.k.a. ICS). The app is just a map, and an image of the control scheme which is pretty nice. Version 1.5 has recently been released with some improvements including more of the “isometric” city maps for some of the smaller bigger towns (the cities are already included).  One thing to beware of is that the military tents don’t really show up, but you can still tell where they are if you know where to look. The isometric maps are still being worked on, so I think we will see them updated in this app in the future.

This app also has a button to show you the control layout. I never really use it, but it might be handy for new players. I tend to change my key bindings around a bit so my layout is different anyway. The map itself works really well and uses pinch to zoom. The hard to read in-game map is not used but the normal map (the one you can buy here from BIS) has thankfully been implemented. I have pretty bad eyesight and the small type is hard to read on a phone or even tablet.


Free download link on the next page.

This little app is really great when you are playing. I keep my Kindle Fire right below my monitor so I can look down without missing too much of whats going on. It is obviously better than alt-tabbing out since you miss the sound and visual and your gun can easily misfire.


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