DayZ Mobile Android App

The DayZ Mobile Android app has a ton of great features including multiple maps and a server browser. There is also some nice wiki integration that shows a random page when you start the app. I would rather it started with the map, but that’s ok. A loot table is also included as well as patch notes and a link to R/DayZ making this the most fully featured app yet.

The server browser can be really handy. Last time I checked you can’t see who is on the server, but you can check it’s status as well as see a server log. The log is handy because it shows you the last time the server was restarted for all your chopper-hopping needs. Lately it seems that the log is behind by some hours. I am not sure if that is the fault of the app or of the servers (or hive for that matter). A quick check of the server browser shows plenty of people in-game playing 1.7.2 at the moment, so it seems to gather data on the newest versions just fine.

Next page has the free download link as well as a link to the developers web site.

This map uses a Google Maps style +/- zoom button that I do not like very much. There are 2 ways to look at it. With the pinch to0 zoom that the other app has, you can quickly get zoomed in to what you want to see. The disadvantage of that is that if you move the tablet around or touch the screen in the wrong place you can quickly lose your place on the map. With the +/- buttons it is a little bit safer, but it still has touch to move the map around. So you have to zoom, move, zoom, move, etc to get to the spot you want. I would rather have the 2 finger iPhone style zoom.



The saving grace is the loot map which the other app does not have. This little guy has saved me many times from running right into a deerstand and it’s gaggle of military zed. I tend to travel long distances in the north at times and have ran smack into trouble a couple times. This app can prevent that for the most part.

Get the DayZ Mobile App from the Google Play Store

Developer website link with beta information

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