DayZ Map Guide

Nice little app, I use this on my Kindle Fire tablet. There is a lot of functionality here from maps to a nice server browser. Unfortunately you can’t see who is on the server, but you can check it’s status as well as see a log of when the server has restarted.

Having this thing opened below my computer monitor has been a literal lifesaver a few times. No more running through deer stands that I didn’t notice were there!¬† Tapping on a city brings up a “satellite” view of the city. There might be a few buildings and thing missing, but it is still useful to help you figure out where you are and where you want to go.

This map usually performs pretty well, however sometimes the zoom can get stuck, or it doesn’t want to orientate right. I generally have my Kindle Fire open in landscape mode with the cover flipped back as a stand. This allows me to quickly glance down without really taking my eyes off the screen too much. Alt-tabbing out to check a web-based map is bad for two reasons. Obviously you lose the sound and sight of your game. Someone can close in on you, or you might not hear that DMR picking away at you form the hills. Another reason is that sometimes when you return to the game your gun will fire. One time a buddy did this and was spraying our group of about¬† 6 with fully-auto MK-48 fire. If you alt-tab out, your gonna have a bad time.

Get the DayZ Map Guide app for free form the Google Play store.



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