DayZ Loot Map ( loot map)

This is another great DayZ map, we call this one the “loot map”. This map has two really great features. Number one is that it shows where zombies spawn, marked in yellow. This can be really useful when you are traipsing through the wilderness. Sometimes there are little buildings and villages that you might not see until you stumble headlong into a zombie. We use this map a lot, more than any other right now.

The other great feature is the search bar for loot types. You can enter what you need in the top part in plain English (for example type ‘wheel’) and it will show you the object name, in this example it is ‘WeaponHolder_Partwheel’. Click on that and the map will show you all the possible places that the item can spawn.

If you click on the icons, another feature reveals itself: a picture of the building as well as a loot table for what you might find inside, complete with the percentage chance that the item might drop. Very useful, bookmark this map now. loot map

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