DayZ Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall Interview at Rezzed 2012

Interview of Rocket at Rezzed.

Not the best quality, but some good info here. Rocket says that they wanted to manage the servers themselves, but it didn’t work out so they gave the power to the admins. Rocket mentions an “underground base concept“. I would love to hear more info about that!

Rocket says that 1.7.2 runs much better, he says segments of code have already been re-written to improve server performance. He says the mod is a “hack on top of a hack at the moment“.


Another fascinating bit is Rocket says that in 1.7.2 when you log out of a server with zombies chasing you, you will log back in with them still “on” you. I have been waiting for that for along time to discourage the disco/reco exploit.

Rocket has DayZ working with another map right now, the Utes map which is quite smaller.  He says there is a possibility of other maps being used as well. Exciting news!

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