DayZ Creator Dean Hall Rezzed Session

This is the full video of Rocket’s presentation at Rezzed 2012. At this point there was 420,000 people that has played DayZ and over 22,000 peak concurrent users. Rocket starts off talking a bit about himself including his military experience and as a designer with Sidhe Interactive, he says he got sick of making crappy console games. He goes on to describe more about the game and the history of how he has been developing it. The challenges with such rapid growth include security and server issues, transitioning from “mod” to “game” and keeping his vision with regards to what he wants to finally achieve.

There are a lot of good screenshots (mock-ups really) in this presentation. One of my favorites shows a “noob” that looks like a young guy, he’s clean shaven and his clothes are new. Next to that we see the “veteran”. The vet is grizzled and older with a beard, longer hair, and dirty ripped up clothing. The clothing is definitely civilian, no military gear on those guys. Rocket wants to see a players face change if he becomes a bandit includinng maybe scars or a scowling face.


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Rocket answers some standard questions about bandit skins, zombie animations and zombie behavior. He talks a little bit about a back story, but not any new info here. Just the basic concept of some disease has hit the planet and infected most people. The rest have to struggle to survive. One thing he touches on is the possibility of things like procedural generation of trees and landscape, but he also mentions that he is “right at the edge” of what the ArmA 2 engine can do. He does say that some of those bigger ideas might have to wait.

Rocket wants to simply give us a world and a set of rules, and let the players decide on everything else. If people are sick of being sniped on the coast, they should group up and fight back. Rocket wants to remain “game play neutral”. One of the ways they might do this is through underground base building. He specifically mentions underground bases (in other interviews as well) so I think we will see that sooner rather than later. Rocket says  that he put the barbed wire and sandbags in the game to see what players would do, but he says it just clutters the world and causes too much lag and database issues.

I have summarized a good part of the info within, but you should still watch the video if you have time (it’s 37 minutes) if only to see the art and to hear Rocket’s cool Kiwi accent.

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