Dammit Bael! Onboard Graphics

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Onboard what?

To add insult to my noobish injuries, running DayZ on my pc was a nightmare. The two guys I played with in the beginning, Phryxx and Grimm, were pretty chill about my computer’s inability to handle the ArmA graphics, and Phryxx was more than patient trying to explain how to turn down video options, but no matter how much we were troubleshooting, I still lagged something horrible. I was running at half speed, and most of my progress forward was reversed soon after it was achieved—you know, two steps forward, one step back sort of thing.  This made playing the game funny, but also frustrating. Phryxx took video just for Lulz:

I had so much issue with this lagging, stuttering, unpleasantness that I actually took a slug to the chest via friendly fire because I wasn’t visible in the path of the bullet, but was apparently there for the game system. Not to mention, killing zombies was more difficult than the typical zigzagging zombie difficulty. I’m fairly certain I shot Grimm on more than one occasion as well because of the lag—he’s lucky I’m a really terrible shot.

Come to find out, I was playing the game with only an onboard graphics card…. Phryxx helped me chose a decent graphics card, got that bad boy rush delivered, and haven’t had many graphical problems since.

If you took the time to watch the video, you will notice that my gun is discharging, but I’m not on the other side of the monitor clicking the mouse. What was happening is on Alt+Tab, coming back into the game can make your weapon fire. To avoid accidental discharge, simply hit esc in game to pull up the menu, and then Alt+Tab. Firing your weapon involuntarily when you tab back to DayZ is not only startling, but downright dangerous. Not only is everyone in the area aware of your presence (players and Zed alike) but friendly fire is on and spraying your group full auto is a really bad day. (I’ve never seen a group of grown men squeal and hit the deck and dive for cover faster than when a teammate with a SAW Alt+Tabbed back in whilst standing in the middle of the unit).

You’ll also notice that the group of us are complete noobs, running with flares, on a road, god-knows-where. I definitely don’t recommend doing that, unless you have a death wish, and in that case, carry on. We got away with this simply because when we started playing, this Mod was still in its infancy, and players related to each other a bit differently.

So now I have to scratch off “Terrible PC” as an excuse to use when in fact I am, B.A.D.

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