How to Flip Your ATV Back Over in Less Than 2 Minutes.

We all have had the joy of finding an ATV in game, and the agony of flipping it over. The offroad vehicles have a good speed in the the woods, but if you are not careful they can flip. Honestly, even if you are very careful at some point it is going over on you.

Going over any kind of transition can be a disaster in this game. Check out this video of Cros dying to the threshold of a door frame. Sometimes driving where a bridge meets the road can blow you up or flip you as well. You can see this on the video as he flips while crossing the bridge.

I listed the 3 steps below if you can’t or don’t want to watch the video.


Youtuber S1pperyJim made the great video above and he gives 3 steps to flipping the ATV back over.


Step 1 – STAY ON the ATV. Getting off may make it so that you can’t get the scroll wheel options back, or may outright kill you if you do make it back on.

Step 2 – Turn your wheels toward the sky. Pretty simple, leave the wheel  turned all the way the whole time.

Step 3 – Reverse. Just hold reverse and within a couple minutes you should be flipped back, it is a slow process but is better than anything else right now.

Make sure when you drive up or down hills you go mostly straight up, watch the angle that you take. You know how you have to run at an angle to get up a hill? Don’t do that when driving or you will flip and tumble down the hill. There are other situations that cause trouble too.


Our friends from DDayHollywood keep cranking out the hits. I think this one might be the best one so far since it mashes together two things that we love: DayZ and Reddit. Some might not know about the Reddit Rescue Force, maybe it is time for a short profile.

DayZ can be very unforgiving, but there are some groups like Dr. Wasteland or the Reddit Rescue Force that aims to make it a bit easier. What RRF does is provide medical supplies or food to anyone that posts a request on r/RedditRescueForce. The leaders have went ahead and vetted people as medics so that the “customers” are usually assured an asshole-free experience. Bandits and griefers, however, stick to no such code, and try and make things hard for both the rescuers and rescued.

Without futher ado, below is the latest video. If you have not seen them yet, the earlier videos are Gamma and BrightnessI’d Kill for Some Beans, and My First Experience With DayZ. Also, check out our exclusive interview with Xtian Bretz and crew.



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Chernarus Location Names Translated Into English

Have you ever been lost in Chernarus and stumbled across a street sign or new town and wondered what the name means? I have. For those that don’t know, most of Chernarus is based off of parts of the Czech Republic, using real-world data. The size in-game is 225 square kilometers (now you know why it takes FOREVER to walk somewhere). The landscape consists of 50 villages, towns, and cities and there are over 1 million 3D objects in the game. Loading screens between zones: zero.

In the real Cherno there is a river where the ocean is in game. Some of the map looks very familiar. Below is a very good, but very long video. Go to about 1:30 to the part where he talks about the river. If you are as interested in geography and culture as I am (even fake culture) then it is worth a look. If you only want to find out what the names in Chernorus mean, go to the next page.

Some of the names deal with the landscape or environmental features. For example, I think Myshkino has something to do with “mouse” but I am not sure so I have not added that yet. Some are names after people such as Kozlovka named after Lord Kozlov. Some are obvious like Vyshnoye which means something like “high ground” or “high place”.


The people of the fictional East Europe country are said to be part Chernarus (their own ethnicity) and part Russian. With the mighty bear of the Soviet state to the north of them, the Chernarussians are heavily influenced by the former Soviet state, but never lost their independence. Duke Kozlov was one of the main founders and he built himself a castle which is now known as Devils Castle. The other two castle sites are Rob meaning “horn” and Zub meaning “tooth”.

The most geologically interesting are is the north east where an ancient glacier carved the land into the area known as Blunt Rocks. The nearby Black Forest is very wild and untamed, and local legends tell of a “sasquatch” type of beast that roams that part of the country side. I swear I saw one before! He was very hairy and shaggy, and he was carrying an AS-50 on his back!



The industrial revolution brought power and commerce to the land, but the old railroads were hindered by yearly rains and floods. The decision was made to create a highway system to transport goods out of the industrial centers. Pobeda Dam was built to try and hinder the rushing waters, and the hydroelectric Elektrozavodsk power plant was put on line. Elektro was the cultural hub of the nation, full of pubs and shops. However, Elektro was hit hard by industrialization, and most of the projects are not finished.

A lot of this development pushed people out of the villages and towns and down into the cities. Cherno and Elektro (as DayZ players affectionately call them) grew  more and more. The newly erected cities do not have much historical weight, however I did find out that Chernogorsk was once a simple fishing village at one time.


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DayZ Short Film – Gamma and Brightness

Here is another awesome video from our friends at DDay Hollywood. Gamma and Brightness has some great DayZ bits in it like the HUD in the truck and the whole chemlight mechanic. I thought for sure dude with the light was going to get shot.

The troll blasting the Benny Hill theme via direct chat is what made it for me. I am looking forward to more and more of these, looks like the guys have cammo suits now, maybe they will find a ghillie next? Don’t miss the first videos here, and here.

Dammit Bael! Onboard Graphics

Read part 1 here


Onboard what?

To add insult to my noobish injuries, running DayZ on my pc was a nightmare. The two guys I played with in the beginning, Phryxx and Grimm, were pretty chill about my computer’s inability to handle the ArmA graphics, and Phryxx was more than patient trying to explain how to turn down video options, but no matter how much we were troubleshooting, I still lagged something horrible. I was running at half speed, and most of my progress forward was reversed soon after it was achieved—you know, two steps forward, one step back sort of thing.  This made playing the game funny, but also frustrating. Phryxx took video just for Lulz:

I had so much issue with this lagging, stuttering, unpleasantness that I actually took a slug to the chest via friendly fire because I wasn’t visible in the path of the bullet, but was apparently there for the game system. Not to mention, killing zombies was more difficult than the typical zigzagging zombie difficulty. I’m fairly certain I shot Grimm on more than one occasion as well because of the lag—he’s lucky I’m a really terrible shot.

Come to find out, I was playing the game with only an onboard graphics card…. Phryxx helped me chose a decent graphics card, got that bad boy rush delivered, and haven’t had many graphical problems since.

If you took the time to watch the video, you will notice that my gun is discharging, but I’m not on the other side of the monitor clicking the mouse. What was happening is on Alt+Tab, coming back into the game can make your weapon fire. To avoid accidental discharge, simply hit esc in game to pull up the menu, and then Alt+Tab. Firing your weapon involuntarily when you tab back to DayZ is not only startling, but downright dangerous. Not only is everyone in the area aware of your presence (players and Zed alike) but friendly fire is on and spraying your group full auto is a really bad day. (I’ve never seen a group of grown men squeal and hit the deck and dive for cover faster than when a teammate with a SAW Alt+Tabbed back in whilst standing in the middle of the unit).

You’ll also notice that the group of us are complete noobs, running with flares, on a road, god-knows-where. I definitely don’t recommend doing that, unless you have a death wish, and in that case, carry on. We got away with this simply because when we started playing, this Mod was still in its infancy, and players related to each other a bit differently.

So now I have to scratch off “Terrible PC” as an excuse to use when in fact I am, B.A.D.

Exclusive Interview with the Creators of DayZ – “I’D KILL FOR SOME BEANS” Day01


Xtian Bretz and Alik Griffin are the directors of the cult hits DayZ – “I’D KILL FOR SOME BEANS” Day01 and My First Experience Playing DayZ – Live Action. They also star in the very cool short films along with other actors. In between shoots for this DayZ project, and other work for their D Day Hollywood Youtube channel the survivors took the time to answer some of my questions about what got them started in film and what the heck is so inspiring about DayZ.


DayZPvP – What have you done in film before you caught the DayZ infection?

Xtian – I got my start in online video in 2004 when I released the viral video “how to be: emo” on my own website. From that, CAA sent me out on meetings where I met Damon Berger (now the executive producer of What’s Trending). Over the following years Damon and I worked together on several projects, at the same time I was doing freelance editing/visual effects for tv and film. Then in 2010, Damon Berger, Shira Lazar and I started Partners Project together. Partners Project is like the Inside the Actor’s Studio of YouTube. After meeting many of the key figures in the YouTube space (Corridor Digital, FreddieW), I was inspired to start my own channel “DDay Hollywood” with Alik Griffin. I really wanted to get back to my roots of making movies and having fun with my friends.


Xtian Bretz - Lover of Beans

Xtian Bretz – Lover of Beans


Alik  – I’ve been editing and shooting since I graduated filmschool at UCSD in 2005. I moved to Los Angeles in 2007 where I was shooting freelance and cutting network promos until I landed a gig G-Net Agency where I’ve been cutting Game Trailers since. Chris and I have been working with each other doing various videos since about 2006 and in 2011 we joined together on our own Youtube channel DdayHollywood which has been a blast.


DayZPvP – Moving on to the DayZ videos what roles do you play? Who shoots the video and who writes the script?

The actors are typically our friends, roommates or other YouTubers. We live in Hollywood so pretty much everyone is an actor. I think our pizza delivery guy is an actor.

We both direct the videos together and switch off shooting depending on who’s in the scene at the time. Then we both share the post production process, for instance one of us will do the initial edit while the other does the visual effects or visa verse.

As far as the scripts go, we’ll usually toss ideas around on the phone, pick one then write it and shoot it!


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DayZ Meets McGruber? “I’D KILL FOR SOME BEANS” Day01

This is a really well done video submitted to us by Xtian Bretz.

Here is the first part, I enjoyed it as well.

Here is a link to their Youtube channel, go show them some love.

This game has really struck a nerve. What is it about DayZ that inspires so many people to make both in-game and live action videos?

Please add your thoughts to the comments below. All you need to do right now is put your email  and name.