5 Tips to Make You Better at DayZ Right Away

Let’s face it, DayZ is tough. I have been playing games for a long time, and been pretty good at it too, but sometimes DayZ brings even the best of us down. The simple fact is that you can die just as easy from a Lee Enfield or Makarov as a AS50 or M4 CCO SD. The “Words of Wisdom” has some more suggestions for you.


I Got You Now

  • Know the difference between cover and concealment. Cover means you have something solid to get behind if someone starts shooting at you. Don’t forget you can hide behind stuff and peek out. Q and E are not just for the “friendly dance” they are for leaning. Concealment only hides you visually such as leaves or fences. Concealment is still useful to stay undetected.


  • Always stay in the full automatic firing mode if it is available. Press “F” until you see “Auto” on a lot of guns. The only time you should ever be in “Semi” or semi-automatic is if you are actually shooting at a target. Take your shots, then go right back to full auto. This can be a lifesaver if a bad guy rounds the corner, or someone spawns in right in front (or behind) you.


  • Always have an escape plan. You need to always have a defensible place to fall back to, especially in group play. Sometimes you just need to turn tail and run. There is nothing wrong with fleeing and living to fight again. If in a group have a “rally point” a place to meet back up at when things go bad. Just remember that things change fast and you might need to update this plan in the heat of battle.


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  • Try and visually/audibly confirm your kills. Just waiting for the white death message may or may not be applicable. When you can you should make sure the guy is actually dead, and not just passed out. Remember there is a bug where people still appear to bleed after they die. Don’t let that fool you. You can confirm by getting close and looking at the face. Flies can be an indication, but flies linger long after bodies have been hidden. Pop a couple more rounds if you are not sure. Everyone already knows you are there, make sure you get the job done.


  • Fire and displace. What this means is that once you make noise everyone knows where you are. Take your shots, confirm the kill, loot if you must then GET THE  HELL OUT. Unless you want every zed, bandit and survivor in your face you better put some distance between you and them. A lot of times players will come to find you, you can use this to your advantage. Move to a place where you can see your old firing position and you can catch curious onlookers coming for what they think is an easy kill.


Use these tips to your advantage. They are natural for veterans, but some newer players might not be using these yet. Good luck out there!


Let us know in the comments below if there is anythig you have to add or a situation where these tips have helped or hurt you.

2 thoughts on “5 Tips to Make You Better at DayZ Right Away

  1. you didnt mention footsteps, they are incredibly important, a player moving at any kind of speed, even a crouch run will make numerous footsteps, listen for them, they could save your life

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